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Reading Table

Table/Notebook Table/Lighting Table/Global Lounge Table/View Table/Electric Table

Under multiple years of furniture expertise and deep comprehension of worksite by Keunsan Interior Design Communication, we propose the optimized furniture to library environment.

For fresh environment, the internal duct structure is prepared for clean wiring, and the power, anti-theft rack, and eco-friendly LED are provided for the user convenience.

For the optimized furniture for multimedia environment, we make the furniture of satisfied function and design.


Partition Table

Table/Lighting Table/Computer Table

It is a carrel-type table for individual study. A deep and wide partition is composed to improve the learning concentration.

For user convenience, the power and the lights are provided, and the fresh learning environment is implemented with the internal duct structure for multimedia environment.


Sofa & Table

Stool Sofa/Lounge sofa/Link Sofa/Sofa Table/Circle Sofa/Movable sofa

Centered on modern design, we propose various types of couches and tables. Not only are the straight couch in the waiting room but also the single unit arranged freely to have various compositions of combining couch & table for spatial direction.



Glass bookshelf/Bookshelf/Children's bookshelf/Spinning bookshelf

We have various designs of bookshelves from the library shelf of steel frame to wooden frame to the glass bookshelf for spatial point and the bookshelf to be connected and installed with the curved couch for children. Based on endurance, each combination of design and color to show stylish and modern mood is valid.



Book transport/Trash can

The book transport is compact size and easy use of movable urethane wheels that can satisfy the functionality and aesthetics.

The trash can is attachable on a wall. The maintenance of bottom floor is easy, and the curved surface at the top is for easy management and foreign substances.