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Sofa & Table

Sofa combinations

It is a couch to be arranged at the major space such as lobby or alley.

Not only are the straight couch in the waiting room but also the single unit arranged freely to have various compositions of combining couch & table for spatial direction.
A wide display stand size and a design of back of a chair are for comfortability, and the finishing with artificial leather ensures endurance.


It is a couch to be arranged at the library space, resting area, or lobby for simple rest.

Wide seats and diagonal design accentuate simplicity, and the armrest with enough space is designed to be used as a side table.

Circle Table

It is a table to be used for various purposes such as library table or resting table.

It is designed simply with the triangular leg structure, and it has the triangular pattern connected to the leg design. The high table and the low table are composed of various sizes.

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Movalbe Table

It is a mobile sub-table to be used in resting area and library area.

As it is designed to be a proper size for personal table for laptop or book, it is compact, and the diagonal design may be used as the characteristics of space.

Sofa Table

It is a sofa table with open design for containment.


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