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Glass bookshelf

It is a glass bookshelf for the arrangement of various publications such as series of publications, magazines, newspapers, or others in a gallery form.
At the front, the replaceable name plate is designed for easy management and guidance of publications.
The reinforced glass is used for endurance, the view of library user is widened, and the clear view is provided.


It is a bookshelf with endurance and combination of metallic material and white Birchwood plate. There are a double 6-layer bookshelf and a double 4-layer bookshelf.
Depending on the quantity of articles of custody, a single layer or a laminar layer may be installed.
As a shelf may be adjusted up and down, it may be assembled easily to form a space.

By using elasticity, a book wire may be put at the bottom rail of shelf to prevent falling of books or data, and as it may be adjusted left and right, the width may be adjusted freely.

Children’s bookshelf

It is a bookshelf for children that uses diagonal lines and curves complexly to accentuate smoothness and sense of direction for child environment and avoids simplicity of child library environment.

For children, the design of a solid-type couch and bookshelf of soft artificial leather finishing is used.

Spinning bookshelf

Not only books such as bestsellers or job employment textbooks but also other publications may be arranged in this rotating bookstand in exhibiting form.
It shows the front cover of books for user convenience, and the size is minimized to be slim.


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